With over 120 years of experience and expertise, CKT is built on the legacy of 3 merged organisations: Hertel Marine Services BV, McGill Services Ltd and CKT Projects BV.

CKT Projects became part of the Marinacc Group in 2019.


We are a dedicated group of (mainly) technical professionals taking pride in the longstanding and well established relationships with our international clients.

We specialise in the design and fabrication of turn-key:

  • Accommodation Modules
  • Technical Modules
  • Outfitting of Naval and Merchant and Offshore Vessels
  • Blastproof Modular Modules
  • Special Containers
  • Defence Logistic Support Equipment
  • HVAC systems
  • Architectural Outfitting and Insulation Works
  • Prefabricated Cabins

CKT continuously invests in people, innovations, reliability, safety, quality and services for your benefit. We cooperate with scientific institutes, that support our extensive studies into new developments contributing to our outstanding quality and applied advanced technology.


CKT designs, constructs, maintains and repairs Accommodation (Modules) on an EPC basis for the offshore and maritime market, containerised solutions for the defence industry and blast & fire proof Modules for industrial sites.

CKT aim to be the #1 choice in their market, exceeding the expectations of our clients and shareholders whilst continuing a profitable growth of the business.

Our strength lies in extensive experience in our fields of business, combined with excellence in continuously improving safety, reliability and operational performance.



We relentlessly pursue our goal of ‘zero harm’ to people and the environment. We operate worldwide in a safe and responsible manner with the greatest respect for the health and safety of our employees, contractors, clients and the communities and environment in which we operate.


We constantly strive to achieve preferred partner status for our business. We develop and deliver the right solutions that make a real contribution to the competitiveness of our clients, safer operations and better utilization of industrial assets.


Our people are professionals, who take pride in every aspect of their work. Our aim is to provide the environment in which they can continue to grow both personally and professionally.


Our people will go the ‘extra mile’. We are constantly aware that we deliver our services in operational processes that are critical to our clients. We are ‘partners in business’, we act with integrity and deliver on the commitments we make. We aim for the best and will accept nothing but the highest client satisfaction.


Quality improvements are key to our daily business where workmanship, professionalism and ownership at all levels of our company are the fundamental pillars of our corporate culture. We work to improve and develop our portfolio of services to the best of our ability, in close cooperation with our clients.