Blast Resistant Modules

Due to the increasing need for safety, economization and work-efficiency in explosion exposed areas, CKT has engineered standard Blast Resistant Modules (BRM). A BRM provides the ultimate solution for workers safety and equipment protection. By providing a safe place within the process area, your operations can be accomplished in an efficient manner.

Advantages BRM:


  • Shelter to turn to in case of emergency.
  • Protection of personnel and equipment.
  • Personnel on site: quick response time in case of sudden event.


  • Any size possible, depending on scope and available space on site.
  • Any scope: temporary, repetitive maintenance, turnarounds.
  • Any scope: permanent daily activities.


  • Personnel on location during their work-hours.
  • No loss of time due to travelling on/of site due to efficient full capacity: less personnel needed and/or work completed within shorter period.


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